Weight Control: Medical Management

The world of weight loss is wacky. Are raspberry ketones the answer? They worked for your friend. Maybe if you take garcinia cambogia? It was featured on TV. Do you need bariatric surgery? What are you willing to do to lose the weight? If you ask yourself these questions day after day, clearly whatever you’re doing is not working for you.
This is where the professional advice of a physician specifically trained in Obesity Medicine can be of service. The disease of obesity (yes, it is now considered a disease) is a complex condition.  Genetic, medical, hormonal, emotional and social components are involved. Side effects of carrying those extra pounds are significant. High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver and many cancers are associated with being overweight or obese. It is an epidemic in this country and Indiana is tied for the eighth fattest state. We need help.
As a board certified physician by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, my entire practice is devoted to helping patients decipher the confusing choices offered to those who need to lose weight. As a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, I am also dedicated to following a scientifically based program without gimmicks or false promises. That is why I started Medical Obesity Management of Indiana; to provide the guidance necessary to insure that you have the best weight loss experience possible, and monitor you medically as your health improves.
There are many ways to achieve weight loss. One of the greatest ways is not hot off the press but is tried and true. Very Low Calorie Diets have been around for years but they work. I carefully combine meal replacements, protein supplements and real food to supply 800-900 calories each day, but with 80-100 grams of protein. This provides enough calories to carry on your normal life and enough protein so that you lose fat and not muscle. Portion control is key! It takes time and commitment to learn habits that will keep your weight off for life, but it is worth it. At MOMI you’ll learn techniques for making wise food choices during tricky social events, and coping mechanisms for stressful situations that can lead to emotional eating.
It can be life changing when you learn to “eat to live rather than live to eat,” and exciting to discover a method to extend your health and longevity. Witnessing the transformations that result from my weight loss programs is exciting for me too.
Written by Dr. Jennifer Whirley-Diaz