Upscale Shopping at the Indiana Design Center

One of Carmel’s most attractive shopping centers offers something for anyone looking to fix up their homes. Vendors for kitchens, baths, furniture, floors and the latest in high tech wizardry…all are open to the public and under one very inviting roof. Take a stroll with us as we visit a few of the Indiana Design Center showrooms and stop by the IDC website at for a complete directory. You’ll not find a better spot for inspiration.

Drapery Street Design Boutique – Interview with Caryn O’Sullivan, Owner
The window treatments you design create an immediate visual impact. Can throw pillows also update an interior?
A lot of our clients have chosen a neutral foundation throughout their home. Pillows as well as drapes, rugs and other accessories can definitely be used to update a palette like this. For instance, you can introduce a bright shade of teal to create splashes of color or you may want to play with texture. We recommend that you bring photos so that our designers are able to get a feel for your style. Also, don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions while going through a custom process so you can make confident selections.
What sizes, numbers and fills work best for pillows?
The most common size for throw pillows is 20 x 20 but if you have a larger area you can go with 24 x 24 or a continental 26 x 26 that works beautifully on beds. There’s no rule on symmetry either; whether you have an odd or even number is determined by your space. 
Pillow fills are important not only for looks but also for comfort. A down/feather combination works best in most situations and should be used with a protector. Unfortunately there are no nice fiber fills but in some cases this is not as significant.
Where can the “design impaired” get their inspiration?
Everyone has a “design personality.” To find your inspiration, take a look around your home for things you love. For example, draw colors from a favorite piece of artwork. Decide whether your accessories should emphasize color or texture, create a focal point or tell a story. We suggest that clients visit a website like to jump start their imaginations; it’s a great way to see what others have done on every kind of budget.
What about trends in 2014?
Metallics are still hot, especially neutrals with touches of gold. Crystal embellishments are appearing on pillows and add “bling” to lots of accessories. I saw an example at the Atlanta show where a cowhide pillow was embellished with crystal, creating a nice texture play between the hide and crystal. How fun is that?
Walter Knabe Studios Inc. –  Interview with Walter Knabe, Artist
You were one of the first tenants when the IDC opened. What has been your experience?
It’s been great to see the center fill up and with that, the energy and activity that’s resulted. I’ve been here three and a half years and I love my space. It’s open, light and very conducive to getting things done. The other thing about more people coming in is that the community has grown as well as the support of all those involved. The IDC spends a lot of time and money to promote events and keep things lively. It’s been a great place to have my studio.
How do collectors arrange to purchase your artwork and designs? Are you able to customize for clients?
Regarding the fine art, people either contact the studio directly or contact my art agent Indy Contemporary to schedule a private meeting. In addition they can come directly to the studio; we’re very open to having visitors drop in. Indy Contemporary is our national contact as well. 
The interior design and fabric and wall coverings are usually initiated by a call to the studio. Our process for creating fabrics and wall coverings is quite simple; even the custom work is an easy procedure. Interior design projects are more a matter of listening very carefully to the client and creating a unique environment that is a personal narrative to them imbued with my signature style.
Your artwork has mythological elements. What is the inspiration behind your vision?
I love the incorporation of mythological elements in my work. It reminds us that people were here before us, which I think grounds us in the present with universal content and a sense of responsibility. Hopefully this will lead us to appreciate posterity. In addition, I am very involved in helping people to create their own mythology, thereby finding themselves and living that life. Visually I initiate a narrative that expresses this whether it be the artwork, design or interior design. 
Casual Living by Especially Wicker  – Interview with Vicki Goode, Co-Owner
Wicker today is multi-purpose. What changes in style and function have you witnessed over your career?
My partner Marilyn Krueger and I opened Especially Wicker 26 years ago. Since then the outdoor variety of wicker has become the most popular. New acrylic fabrics withstand sun, moisture and come in an unlimited array of colors and patterns. There’s even a flannel fabric available. Inside I would say the trend is to use wicker as an accent piece rather than as an entire suite.
Lots of people like wicker in their second homes. We’ve shipped to over 47 states as well as overseas. Clients today favor neutral palettes that look clean and sophisticated.
What about the nature of wicker itself?
High quality wicker lacks the fillers that you find in less expensive varieties; fillers are the culprits that cause cracking and peeling. You’ll find lots of color variation in wicker as well, from light to dark to anything in between. One of my favorite materials that can look like wicker or wood is cast aluminum. Absolutely gorgeous and able to withstand all kinds of abuse and weather, plus it won’t blow away. 
What services do you offer to help customers make decisions?
Our services here and in the 82nd Street store include floor planning, computer drawings, fabric advice; really, we offer a full range of design services. In addition, we carry all kinds of furniture for both indoors and out. If a client wants to see a wide selection, we recommend that they visit the 82nd Street store with over 15,000 square feet of furniture, fabrics and umbrellas. Our shop in the IDC is a perfect place to start a search.
How do you like the IDC?
We opened Casual Living in March of 2013 because we wanted to expand our reach. We love it here and hope that more people will discover what we have to offer. All our clients are equally important to us whether the job is big or small. It’s been exciting to join the IDC community.