University High School

I’ve grown up at University High School. I haven’t grown in the literal sense, but I have come to know more about myself and my passion in life. January Term helped me find my niche. During J-Term, as we call it, we take a three-week course on a subject that interests us. As a freshman, I chose a journalism class all about The New Yorker. We studied the publication, created our own magazines and traveled to New York. We visited the magazine’s headquarters and met with writers, getting a glimpse into the world of an artist.
It dawned on me. University is a school full of talent and stories to be told, and we needed a voice. I shared my vision for an online publication, and my teachers enthusiastically backed me up. In October, we launched The U Post. Our website is a simultaneous arts magazine, media hub, sports page and online newspaper. From cartoonists doodling in the art room to basketball players dribbling on the court, The U Post strives to tell every story.
These stories are especially valuable at University, a school that celebrates the way each individual identity impacts a community. Teachers encourage students to flourish and contribute. Dedication means more than getting A’s. Students work hard every day because we know we are carving out our place in the world. My place is giving people a voice, and University has helped me do just that. 
I take pride in knowing I made something of my vision for The U Post. At University, I have countless opportunities to better myself. This community is one that truly values and celebrates one another’s differences. We bring entirely different backgrounds to the classroom, and this diversity leads to richer growth and learning. At my school, I am encouraged to be me – an English lover, The U Post founder and a University High School Student. I would not want to be anyone, or anyplace, else. 
  • Independent, coed college preparatory high school established in 2000
  • Enrollment of 265 students for 2012 – 2013 
  • All faculty and staff serve as mentors for up to 10 students each with bi-monthly meetings
  • Mentors serve as advocates and liaisons between students, teachers, parents and peers
  • Three week January Term where students take a single course of their choosing, ranging from drumming to architecture
  • 15-minute Community Meeting for entire student body every day 
  • 100% of students admitted to college
  • Class of 2012 (60 students) earned $7.6 million in merit scholarships for college
2825 W. 116th Street, Carmel