Trending Colors and Textures Inspire 2023 Home Design

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Over the past year, architectural design saw a surge in nature-inspired, earth tones, such as calming shades of blue and green. Homeowners can expect this trend to continue into the coming months, but with warmer, richer colors.

This ongoing interest in warm neutrals with earthy undertones and pink and blush shades is likely to be increasingly popular in 2023 as homeowners become more adventurous with their color choices as a creative expression.

Trending Colors
Selecting the right colors for your home project is often influenced by your personal preferences and the latest design trends. Some contemporary options to consider include:

Earth Tones:
Warmer, natural-looking earth tones are versatile, working seamlessly with just about any design or architectural style of home. Some trending hues include muted terracotta, green, yellow, and plum.

Warm Neutrals:
Although they’re not typically used as statement colors, warm neutrals bring a sense of comfort while also offering an inviting, blank canvas to let individuality flow freely. On-trend options include shades of dark brown, caramel, tan, or off-white.

Rich, Dark Colors:
These deep, saturated hues can make a house stand out and look more modern while offering a nod to warmer hues. Chocolate brown, brick red, or dark jade are popular choices for those who prefer rich hues.

Pink and Blush Shades:
Various shades of pink rose and blush will be increasingly popular choices for homeowners exuding a greater sense of self-expression. In-home design, look for these colors to appear in coral, pink, red-orange, raspberry, or blush tones.

Sweet Pastels:
There are signs homeowners are ready to bring colors back into their homes. Expect to see sweet pastel shades like soft pink, mint green, and light purple in furniture, decor, and accessories.

Materials with Texture
With warm neutrals and earth tones dominating the color palette, interior and exterior design depend heavily on texture to add definition. More design choices will move away from faux finishes and instead focus on natural and authentic looks, many of which can be achieved through brick and stone.

Brick and stone allow designers to add depth and dimension, integrating a play on light and shadows with various textural elements.

Brick carries a sense of tradition, character, and timelessness while also serving as a popular choice for homeowners due to its design flexibility. Qualities such as low maintenance, resilience, durability, sustainability, and beauty make brick an option that allows homeowners to balance function with appearance.

Homeowners can find more than 600 brick-and-stone products with Glen-Gery’s extensive product line that offers endless design possibilities and timeless beauty. From handmade to glazed bricks and everything in between, these building products come in diverse colors, textures, and sizes, making it easy to personalize living spaces with the latest design and color trends.

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