Surroundings By Natureworks+

moves to the Indiana Design Center

Known for its creation of unique, custom outdoor and indoor living spaces for homes across central Indiana, Surroundings by Natureworks+ has moved into a studio space on the second floor of the Indiana Design Center (IDC). Surroundings by Natureworks+ joins more than 30 design industry businesses located at the IDC. “We are very strategic about the mix of businesses represented at the Indiana Design Center and Surroundings by Natureworks+ is the perfect fit for the IDC given its solid reputation in the marketplace and the luxury outdoor living niche it fulfills,” said Melissa Averitt, senior vice president for sales & marketing at Pedcor Companies.

Surroundings by Natureworks+ has operated in Carmel and been creating luxurious landscapes, patios, pergolas, sunrooms and interior renovation for nearly twenty years.  “Our clients have come to know and expect luxury from us, which is why the Indiana Design Center is such a great fit for our business.  I value the synergies and depth of resources the building has to offer both our clients and business,” said Randy Sorrell, Surroundings by Natureworks+ founder and president.

Since 1993, Randy Sorrell and his team at Natureworks have been creating unique, custom outdoor living spaces, from luxurious landscapes, patios and pergolas to interior updates. Also providing bonded, insured handyman services, Surroundings by Natureworks+ has been the choice for thousands of homeowners throughout Central Indiana.  For more information visit

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