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Steve Gray is the President of Steve Gray Renovations, a high-end home renovations company serving Greater Indianapolis. “Dream Bigger. Renovate.” is his company motto, which is reflected in how he serves his clients.

I think my favorite quote a client offered about their remodeling experience with my team is: “A lot of people will tell you they can do it, the question at the end of the day is—can they really? Steve does, and the homeowner can trust him to bring a project to where they want it to be. He knows the process and is sensitive to the homeowners needs.”

Home Remodeling DiningroomIf you visit my website and take a look at the projects that the Steve Gray Renovations Team has completed, you will see that they are all very different. That’s because our expertise is helping our clients realize THEIR dreams, not someone else’s idea of what a home should look like. When a homeowner asks me “Can you do it?” the answer is always yes. Achieving a client’s vision is about clear communication, planning every stage of the process, setting an appropriate budget and attention to detail. Regardless of the style and functionality they are looking for, or the state of their current home, we can devise and implement a renovation plan that achieves their goals.

The roots of Steve Gray Renovations started in my late teens, when I began a professional career in construction. As I worked my way up into leadership, my entrepreneurial nature kicked in. In 2005, I made the leap into starting my own business and have never looked back. When you work for someone else, you have to abide by their philosophy and business practices. While I supported my employer’s way of doing things, I knew I wanted to create a business that would go the extra mile at every turn. My philosophy is based on providing high-quality design, materials, and service – exactly what my clientele is looking for.

Teamwork is also at the core of my business. I partner with local, like-minded people, like Tremain Ceramic Tile & Floor Covering, Gary Nance Designs and Millennial Sounds. None of us are daunted by a unique situation or unexpected issue. The experience, creativity and problem-solving we all bring to the table means we aren’t worried about the inevitable twist that just comes with renovation projects. My team enjoys new challenges, such as an innovative technology, material or design. We do the research, share our ideas, and work together to make what seems impossible, possible.

Midcentury Interior

Steve Gray Renovations has remodeled kitchens, baths, basements, exercise rooms, first floors, and whole houses. We’ve built pool houses, tree houses, and silo studios. We have transformed homes within their original footprints, expanded existing spaces, torn down houses to create new ones, and started building completely from scratch. Our project styles include sleek downtown condo, historic cabin, mid-century modern, high-French décor and modern marvel. So, when I am asked “What kinds of renovations do you do?” my answer is “The ones my clients dream up.” We do not have a style or room specialization. Our expertise is seeing the homeowner’s vision to completion.

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If you want to learn more about our work, our process or our team, please visit my website We also have a blog that offers more details about our projects and philosophy. Or, you can always just give me a call at 317.596.0928.

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