Spring decorating trends for 2014

What are the hottest trends for interior design in 2014? We recently sat down with Jeryl Mitsch, one of the top designers located in the Indiana Design Center in Carmel.

Mitsch Design describes itself as a leading commercial interior architectural design firm known for innovative thinking and expert implementation of design. Founded by Jeryl Mitsch in 1989, this Certified Women-Owned Business has completed award-winning projects locally, regionally, and nationally. Areas of expertise include: Corporate, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Industrial, and Faith-Based.

Blending aesthetics with functionality, Mitsch emphasizes environmentally-conscious design and supports the green initiative through LEED certified projects. The firm invests in state-of-the art technologies to enhance client interaction and allow pre-construction “visioning” through computer rendering and 3D animation.

"When I think of design trends it is always amazing to me the crossover for all our client types," Jeryl told us. "So here are five trends I see happening in Residential, Corporate, Healthcare, Multi Family and Higher Education.

>>> Metallic – It’s not just brushed aluminum, gold and silver anymore.

New metallics are being introduced daily. Look for versions of brass, copper, pewter, nickel and anything with a glimmer or shine.   We are seeing metallics in upholstery, wall covering, flooring, ceiling treatments, accessories and even manufactured stone.  Most importantly it's vogue to mix it up with metals. Use several colors and textures.  Metals are not just for contemporary or modern design blend them into traditional environments for an updated look.

And don’t forget to bring in the Mirrored furniture, it’s back and with modern technology available in ways never considered in the past. From the warm gold, brass, and copper accents to the cool chrome, nickel and stainless steel applications and embellishments, metals are here to keep!

>>> Pink Pink Pink – Believe it or not, Hot pink is in

Hot pink is being used from the board room to the bedroom. Think fuchsia it is a great option and very close to the hue of hot pink. It can be used as an accent or splash it on an entire wall. Fuchsia has reached the tipping point finally!  As designers and trendsetters we see a colors introduced at market and it seems that years go by before clients really embrace something new.  Well, pink is here and being embraced by those that want to project that they are not afraid of being first. My guess, pink will be here for much more than just a season.

>>> Vintage, Retro and Fresh – Old is new

Who knew that what was once considered “old” is now the way we celebrate the rejuvenation that Spring brings.  Colorful and whimsical feeling, retro themes are the perfect way to feel those  Spring sensibilities.  This trend is very free and allows the individual to pick bright pastel hues and daring prints that might seem inaccessible in another style; such as Rustic  with its limiting use of color and very specific feel.  Calling to mind for many of us the feelings of our youth and carefree times gone by, it is easy to be creative.  With so much to love it’s easy to see why I would expect this trend to hold true into 2015 as well.

>>> Begging to Be Touched – Feeling your way

Amazing interior design goes well beyond color.  It’s about your senses reacting in a space.  Eyes opening in response to an unexpected wall that seems to be lines undulating like an ocean; listening to music as it wafts through playing off the varying surfaces in a room; the touch of textured linen from the draperies and upholsteries; and the feel of a distressed leather chair begging for you to sit down.  The combination of textures in design is what draws you into a room and makes you want to stay awhile as you discover all its nuances.

Bring intrigue to the space with unexpected touches such as a marble backsplash in the kitchen or even a marble countertop instead of traditional granite, which is almost commonplace today.   3-D wall art is another hot trend and transforms a space from boring to exciting instantaneously.  The combination of textures is what draws you into the space as there is always something new to experience.

>>> Timber! – 'Wood' you believe?

Texture is the key element in a fantastic space.  But let’s take it a step farther.  Sometimes it’s not just about adding a touch of texture; sometimes texture is the transformational design element.  For example a highly contemporary space with hard edges and shiny surfaces can seem unapproachable; adding wood brings inviting warmth.

In today’s design, wood is an essential neutral.  It’s inherent flexibility and vast array of one of a kind colors, striations, and unique features provides an endless array of possibilities.  Wood paneled wall features are an example of this strong trend that you see across the globe.  The warmth that it provides works with all style trends!