Out on the Town

Have a special event coming up? Whether it’s a black tie soiree, prom night or just a nice evening out, Carmel City Center offers one stop shopping for men and women of all ages who want to look and feel fabulous. But knowing what to look for is just as important as knowing where. Ahead are some of this season’s hottest trends for her and for him.
Don’t panic over prom or any other affair; they should be events to look forward to! First you have to find the perfect attire, and 2014 is filled with styles that are fresh, confident and red-carpet ready.  Start with a little sparkle. The latest fashions feature beading and embellishments such as jewels, stones, lace and sequins. Wear some bling and shine all night!
Another eye-catching element is color. The new black is orange, either coral or salmon, along with icy pastels and flashy neons. Subtle shades work as well and include soft, earthy neutrals (nude, blush, cream), cool blues and delicate shades of pink. 
Soft, flowing fabrics provide a contemporary fit that is flattering for any body type. Trending for spring are cap sleeves, sheer illusion fabrics and keyhole backs. Of course traditional ball gowns are always elegant and never out of style. 
There are no rules on length this year, so let your personal taste be the guide. Go for short and sassy, long and chic or a high-low hemline that shows off your funky side. Tip: Remember to always keep dress styles age appropriate, no matter what age you are. 
Be bold and always put your best shoe forward. Stiletto’s have replaced the platform and are best with pointed toes and pencil thin heels. Simple flats are appearing with evening wear, as well as peep toes in both stiletto’s and flats.
Finally, top off your look with classically coifed hair. An old-world braid, especially the milk braid, is innocent, polished and very trendy. It’s also perfect for keeping hair out of your face while hitting the dance floor.
Whether your style is traditional or fashion forward, it’s all about the cut of your clothes. The big idea for men this season is the ultra slim European fit which eliminates excess fabric and accents your build and personality.
In formal wear, look for a narrow profile with super trim, peaked lapels. Pair with a white shirt whose collar tips spread straight across and a black tie that knots. 
Details define the evening wardrobe. A tie-clip is an important accessory that adds polish to a skinny tie, along with a pocket square for a pop of color. Watches have shed their chunky shape and become sleeker as well. Cufflinks are always cool with French cuff shirts and add an element of elegance to a night on the town. They should complement and not overpower the rest of your outfit.
For professional wear, set your sights on tapered lines and lighter weight fabrics. Dress shirts can be patterned in zesty prints like polka dots or textured and worn with or without a tie. Suit pants tend to have one inch breaks.
Look for the return of vests without jackets that are buttoned high and fit snugly across the chest. Ties are tucked inside and can be bunched or lay flat.
A brand new classic is a huge European trend in 2014; the double-breasted suit has reentered the contemporary closet.
In casual wear, men are starting to show everything off. Pants are cuffed or rolled to reveal footwear in everything from traditional shoes to boots. A higher roll is fun with deck shoes. Socks kick it up a notch with pattern and color in comfortable brushed cottons. Consider foot booties this spring to keep your feet comfortable when wearing shorter pants. More monochromatic palettes where top and bottom almost match will replace color contrasts, i.e., khaki pants with colored shirts. And lastly, casual wear has gone nautical with blazers over tee shirts, splashes of primary colors and sea worthy motifs that signal ‘good times ahead.’