New Stone Oven Pizza in Carmel

Just opened in the heart of Carmel on Old Meridian, CRUST recreates the rustic atmosphere of Italian eateries. Upscale and cozy, its menu offers “fresh, homemade and local” ingredients and pizzas prepared in an authentic stone oven influenced by Neapolitan tradition.  Assorted cheeses, beer and wine, and other Italian inspired menu choices will round out the experience.
Among our unique offerings, and the highlight of Crust, is our stone hearth oven. These ovens have been used for thousands of years to make traditional Naples style pizza.   Our oven is kept at 700 degrees F, and used to bake all our fresh pizzas. The oven has inspired the rest of our menu, and we believe you will enjoy your dining experience among the backdrop of the fiery glow.  
Reservations and group seating are available as well as take-out. Visit