Monon Community Center

Monon Community Center
The winter season may be here, but the brisk weather doesn’t have to stop you from continuing your active lifestyle. Forget about ice on the sidewalks and cold winter winds, and head indoors to the Monon Community Center. Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is teeming with new programs for all ages and fitness levels. The newly refinished basketball courts, heated indoor pools, temperature controlled indoor track, and over 65 Group Fitness classes are your perfect escape from the elements. 
Mud runs, adventure races, and triathlons are some of the most popular trends across the country. If there is a competitive bone in your body, this is the craze you should join. Adventure Race Training is designed to prepare you for a race while using ladder drills, rope climbing, tire rolling, and more. Triathlon Training combines the best of three worlds – swimming, biking, and running – and is designed to prepare you for transitions, setting pace, and improving form. Both trainings are a great way to combine outdoor skills with endurance sports. 
Take the bore out of working out and dance the chill away in an effective way. Dance workouts like Zumba and Cardio Dance are a fun alternative with non-stop movement and high-energy routines. Or, challenge yourself by joining in high-intensity interval training. Boot Camp, TRX, Tabata, PIYO, and Functional Fitness Interval Training are all programs that provide short bursts of intense exercise mixed with very short breaks to catch your breath in between. 
Love working out with others, but don’t want to participate in a class? Find friends or family members who exercise at the same level and pace as you and be matched with a personal trainer. Small Group Personal Training provides you a cheaper option, and a way to hold yourself accountable to get in your workout. Personal Trainers will assess your current fitness level and work with you to design a customized program for you and your group. 
So don’t let winter get you down; shake up your usual workout with some of these hot fitness trends. More detailed information on Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s new fitness offerings can be found at
Written by Lindsay Labas, Marketing Manager
Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation