Modern Senior Living 'Blooming' in Indianapolis

Nursing homes.  Retirement homes. These terms are a thing of the past. As time has gone on, seniors have increasingly gained the respect they deserve. Now, the options for housing for seniors reflect the fact that passing a certain age doesn’t mean the end of active, meaningful living.

Around the country, senior living facilities are known as Independent, or Assisted, Living, or as Community Centers. Here in Central Indiana, housing is being remodeled, or built new, to not only accommodate seniors who still have a lot of living to do, but offer them a home with amenities and activities to add more to their daily lives.

Bloom Senior Living is one such place. Family-owned and operated, Bloom has nearly 50 years of senior care experience. Formerly known as Autumn Park and Autumn Glen, they are now called Bloom at Eagle Creek and Bloom at German Church.   

There is a touching family story and a caring resident focus behind the Bloom brand and the name change. The Bloom model is personal and heartfelt. The approach stems from the company’s history. Founder, Richard Tischler, a hard-working family man, built a nursing home chain with support from his late wife Ruth, who later suffered from Alzheimer’s. Inspired after Ruth’s grandsons experienced the challenge of finding the right home for their grandmother, Bloom offers a modern, lifestyle approach to healthcare.

Bloom’s mission is to do more than just offer safety and security. Bloom began, over the past year, an exercise that took a 360-degree view of the company, its communities and its residents, to help establish what makes its approach unlike other senior living providers.

Entering a Bloom community does not mean checking your lifestyle or personality at the door. Since 1965, Bloom's mission has been simple yet aspirational: to help its residents flourish. Residents continue living full lives, by enjoying their favorite activities while discovering new ones, and blooming into their best selves through growth and discovery. Bloom is committed to creating a living environment that fosters self-growth and self-actualization for its residents by providing them with the tools, resources and encouragement to bloom.

With 111-units in the Indianapolis market, Bloom is committed to being the provider of choice and offering families a wide range of services and choices to meet their needs throughout the region.

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