MIBOR: Color my world! Realtors speak out!

By Lacey Everett

Courtesy of MIBOR

 You may think that bright orange wall is the best thing since sliced bread, but if you talk to a REALTOR® or home staging expert, you’ll find that a change in color scheme could help your house stand out even more and sell quicker.

We asked our members to share their tips on wall color and artwork, for our latest “REALTORS® Speak” blog post. Here is a collection of their expert advice:

Sara says: My #1 tip regarding wall art is to not have any family pics! You want potential buyers to see the house as THEIRS, not yours. As far as wall color… stay neutral – which doesn't necessarily mean beige. Light yellows, blues, or greens can be perfect too.

Polly shares these tips from a local staging company: Warm colors from Sherwin Williams Concept in Color book, like Irish Cream or Colony Buff for great rooms. Sage Green looks great in kitchens and I especially like Silvermist in bathrooms. Let area rugs define your space, add texture, and bring color into the room. Now add pillows, throws and accessories in complimentary colors. Finally, your art should have color elements that encompass all of your palette to create a cohesive and stylish space. If a client is struggling with putting away all of their photos, I ask they choose or two of their favorites and I place them in an inconspicuous place.

Wendy suggests: Neutral palette, green kitchens, colorful accessories. I always recommend a 3 color palette with the darkest being the largest rooms and the lightest being the bathrooms and closets.

Debbie offers: Neutral but neutral doesn't necessarily mean beige. Clean, everything off the floors in closets etc… De-clutter.

Karina says: I use a professional stager.

Linda adds: Go neutral on walls & accent with colors in accessories!

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