Make Your Move NEAT & Easy

Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, relocating can be a daunting and chaotic task. With our organizational solutions and attention to detail, NEAT Method can help make the relocation for your family seamless and efficient. Here are a few tips that help alleviate the inevitable stress that can come along with a move.


  1. Hire trusted movers 6-8 weeks prior to the big day.

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, utilize websites that provide reviews, and do your research when booking a company. Asking the right questions regarding payments, quotes, deadlines, etc. helps avoid any “surprises” during the process. 

  1. Organize belongings early on.

Set aside a day to go room by room and survey each space to decide which belongings can be donated, consigned, or tossed. Getting rid of unnecessary items prior to beginning packing will not only allow for more space, but will ensure your packing can be done quicker.

  1. Create a binder that keeps track of all important documents.

Organize your binder with labeled tabs for things like “Utilities”, “Receipts”, “Loan Documents”, or “Schedules”, which will help keep all of the vital documents you may need to have on a moment’s notice in one place.

  1. Purchase necessary supplies.

Stock up on bubble wrap, paper tape, box cutters, glass pack kits, etc. It is always better to have some extra supplies rather than making multiple trips to the store.

  1. Devise a master inventory list.

This is a necessary task to conquer after donating and/or consigning items in your spaces. Keep track of all art, furniture, décor, etc. You can find free printable inventory checklists offline or create one on your own. These lists are not only helpful to you, but for your movers as well.


  1. Color code box labels per room.

Create a “moving legend” with color coded labels that align with specific rooms. This helps keep all like items together, and makes it easier for movers to know which boxes go where in your new home.

  1. Plan what will go where in your new home.

  If you are able to, obtain a floor plan of your new home and make the arrangements of what the space will be utilized for before the big day.

  1. Hire a cleaning company.

Consider having housekeepers scrub both of your spaces. Not only will your old home be tidied up as you leave, but their professional attention will give you the opportunity to move your belongings in to a sparkling clean space.

  1. Prepare a box or suitcase of what you will need immediately.

Use clear bins or a suitcase to pack day-to-day necessities such as toilet paper, bedding, medications, etc.

  1.  Pack a bottle of champagne

Congratulations- you have officially survived your move! Now pop open a little bubbly and celebrate.

Written by Claire Dilts
NEAT Method of Indianapolis

Categories: Home + Design