Live it Beautifully!

Fresh Herbs and Flowers

Hiya Dolls! The Maven sincerely hopes that you’re having a fabulous summer so far. Do you have anything beautiful and fresh growing in your yard? Are you a seasoned gardener with oodles of perennials clamoring for your attention? Or perhaps you’re too busy to garden. Or maybe you simply don’t like to get your hands dirty and prefer to stay in the cool, air-conditioned confines of the house.  (The Maven herself is outdoorsy… in that she likes to drink her martinis in a chaise lounge on the patio.)

The Maven respects all of you darling dearies, whatever your gardening proclivities are.

But whether there are just a few sprigs of chives in a lonely pot, a never-say-die patch of daisies by the front steps or a warm weather wonderland of spectacular blooms and greenery, spoil yourself by taking a moment every day to add fresh herbs or flowers to your room and to your plate. You deserve it dolls!

Whether you’re throwing a fabulous soirée for twenty of your closest friends or dining solo on leftovers from last night’s meal out, every meal you eat feels more special when there’s a bit of green and a splash of color.

Here are some ideas, from the Maven’s home to yours.


Buy one big bunch of flowers at the farmer’s market and split it up into several arrangements. One large one for your dining table, and smaller bud vases for your kitchen, foyer and even your bathroom.

Harvest from your own yard (or friendly neighbor’s!) whenever possible. Get creative—add texture to your arrangements by snipping a branch from a tree, a few blades of ornamental grass or a hosta leaf. Anything is fair game!

Add a single blossom to an hors d’oeuvres platter and garnish your dinner plate with fresh herbs, even if it’s just Tuesday night pasta.

We only live once dolls, so let’s do it beautifully!