Kitchens Fabulous

Kitchens are quite simply the heart of the home. Walk into any party and that’s where you’ll find family and guests. For that reason, it’s important to address design elements that enhance its enjoyment. Appliance placement is one of the first steps towards creating a comfortable flow. Preparation, cooking and clean up areas should be placed so the space is used efficiently and looks attractive. By breaking the kitchen into modular components, you create proportion, balance and symmetry; everything feels and works the way it should.
Today’s kitchens appear as if they’re furnished. Refrigerators and dishwashers are crafted so they disappear into cabinetry. Storage towers maximize space for cooking utensils and spices are ideally located by the stove. Drawers are found everywhere which allow easier access to cooking equipment. And their interiors can be lit with LED lights, eliminating the search for a favorite pot.  
“Fumed wood” is a new choice for cabinetry. Its color is created through a heating process that carbonizes the wood through smoke and pressure. Rather than being stained, the surface color goes all the way through, making it resistant to wear and tear.Speed ovens are beginning to replace microwaves. The size is the same but they offer three functions; they heat to 375 degrees in about three-four minutes, they microwave and they do combination cooking. Gas continues to be popular for ovens and stove tops but induction cooking is also in demand.
Kitchen islands have been important for some time and promise to be a fixture for years to come. They offer valuable work and eating space and attract everyone who wants a place to hang out. Countertops in natural stone can also make it one of the most striking components in kitchen design. 
When a kitchen is zoned properly with emphasis on fluid movement and carefully selected materials, it truly earns its reputation as the life center in a home.
Written by Rob Klein, President
Conceptual Kitchens
Photos by Chris Bucher Photographs