Indianapolis Didgebridge nominated for Two 2015 Tech Awards

Honoring the best of Tech in Indiana, TechPoint is nominating Didgebridge, with locations in Chicago and Indianapolis, for two Mira Awards in the categories of Tech Sales and Marketing and Industry Specific Excellence in the area of Marketing Technology.

Founded in 2007, Didgebridge brings a unique suite of smart technology applications to the delivery and measurement of marketing and sales information in a single interactive mobile video platform capable of enormous scale, speed, versatility, and security across any screen or mobile device.

This is the first technology that allows marketers to build and deploy thousands of uniquely measured interactive mobile video campaigns in just a few seconds with no technical knowledge. These campaigns are then tracked, scored and compared by individual touchpoint on a single dashboard.

Call-to actions, videos, images and content can all be adjusted based on time of day, level of interest and even the weather outside from which the interactions are taking place. Best of all this can all be achieved with no technical knowledge or time consuming integration required from a marketer or agency.

  • Didgebridge platform creates a "digital bridge" fully connecting consumer marketing and sales results.
  • All consumer contact and touchpoints become immediately video enabled, "shoppable," and instantly measureable for any type of communication.
  • The first platform with "Truth Metrics(TM)" instantly measuring the performance of marketing and sales across the spectrum of all Media, Retail, Internet, Social, and Mobile touch points – in or out of home.
  • This pioneering technology allows for the implementation of interactive, permission based smart: TV, print ads, store displays, signs, circulars, billboards, shelf tags, banners direct mail, and much more.

Didgebridge allows marketers to instantly score video content delivered to any screen anytime, anywhere across the path to purchase and immediately optimize results, validate/test key variables and touchpoints while providing marketers with findings and insights into real consumer behavior independent of assumption based projections or time consuming surveys.

This unique technology even allows marketers to seamlessly reach customers across social media sites. As an example, campaigns feature direct linkage into: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helping marketers reach consumers with a much more personally relevant message where consumers can take immediate mobile purchase action after having a specific product recommended by their friends. Didgebridge is fast becoming the new standard in merging the brave new world of mobile eCommerce transactions (sales) with helpful information (insights) at the time it matters most both in and out of physical stores by a highly trusted network of friends.

Marketing and sales tools that were previously "dumb" and "not social" can now be made much smarter with significantly more immediate and actionable outcomes that improves sales by enhancing education.

Didgebridge is now deploying its' smart technology and delivering results for some of the world's largest companies and Brands including multiple divisions of a top 5 Global CPG company, a 6,200 store effort for a major U.S. mass retailer, programs with publishing and major event marketers, and global partnerships being established with in-store marketing, technology, and big data companies.

About Didgebridge

Founded in 2007, Didgebridge has built a proprietary platform with smart mobile video technology that can instantly build thousands of uniquely measured mobile campaigns allowing marketers to deliver and score content on any screen and immediately optimize it to improve outcomes across any marketing touchpoint. This provides marketers with Truth Metrics(TM) the first instant insights based on consumer depth of interest in the real-world – both in and out of home. Current clients include major retailers, global technology companies, publishers, and top tier CPG companies.

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