How to save energy in the cold weather

The bloggers at MIBOR share some expert tips with us today on saving energy this winter.

Save Energy-Save Money: Cold Weather Tips

While ‘energy efficiency’ has become a bit of a catch phrase – there are some legitimate reasons to get on board and adopt a few energy saving practices.

As a new homeowner, or someone who is looking around and evaluating the cost of making such a purchase – finding ways to save money is likely a top priority.

There are several resources to utilize when it comes to finding energy saving tips. One source in particular, is your own utility company.

We pulled some great tips together for you from the Indianapolis Power and Light Company website.

During the winter months, focus on these tips to conserve electricity and save money:

Clean or replace heating system filters every 60 days.

Keep fireplace dampers closed, except during use.

Close and seal crawl space vents and openings.

Wrap insulation around water heaters and water lines in unheated crawl spaces or basements.

Apply heat-shrink plastic around the inside of leaky windows.

On top of that, you can focus on these tips all year long:

Apply caulking and weather stripping around interior garage or exterior basement entry doors, and around exterior door and window frames.

Install insulated draperies or blinds around large windows.

Keep registers and air vents clear of obstructions.

Set your thermostat wisely.

Another very cool tool is IPL’s “Energy Calculator”. Click here to determine where your energy dollars are going and how you can become more energy-efficient.

*Source: Indianapolis Power and Light Company

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