Hot Pursuits in Fitness – Spin Cycle

SpinCycle is an indoor cycling studio offering a full mind/body workout. We combine heart pumping cardio, upper body and core strengthening hybrid classes with a mind blowing dose of inspiration! With our special brand of cardio cocktail, our instructors will inspire you to pump harder than the last time – every time! At SpinCycle we blend high-energy inspirational instruction, adrenaline-pumping music AND the implementation of weight resistance during your ride. 
SpinCycle offers our clients the ability to maximize their workout in a minimum amount of time. We have retrofitted our bikes with body bars, weighted balls and resistance tubing, allowing the rider to not only find their cardio edge but to tone, sculpt and strengthen the upper body and core all while still on the bike!! Get in – get out – get on with your day! 
All level of riders are welcome, from the very beginner to the advanced cyclist. The beauty of indoor cycling is that you choose the intensity of your ride – our SpinCycle team will instruct and inspire you, but you are in control of your workout. In addition to our signature SpinCycle classes, we also offer a complimentary SpinCycle 101 beginner class every month, 45 minute SpinExpress classes, a Meditation ride and several “special” classes throughout the month including video rides!! Ride On!!