Hitting a Long Straight Drive

Find the Proper Driver for You
• Shaft is the most important aspect of the golf club
• For most golfers a low kick point shaft will work best

Wide stance for balance

Tee the ball higher than normal
• With newer drivers, the sweet spot is in the middle of the clubface

Be in control of your backswing

Keep your weight behind the ball during impact

Make sure to release the golf club
• For right handed golfers, the release is when your right forearm rolls over the top of your left forearm. Get this action started early on the down swing.

Swing “inside out” or hit the ball to right field

Let the momentum of the club take you to finishing on your front foot

Draws go much further than fades or slices

Enjoy hitting your second shot last in your foursome

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Brian Ballard
PGA Head Golf Professional
Brookshire Golf Club