GET ROLLING: 5 great bike rides in Carmel

Are you ready to get rolling in Carmel?

Thanks to the “polar vortex” and a variety of other pleasantries, this has been a great summer season for bicycling in Carmel. Crisp mornings, low-humid days and beautiful sunsets have made biking more pleasurable than ever before.

But where to bike? Carmel is filled with multi-purpose paths, wide sidewalks and safe street lanes that entice all bikers – from beginners to pro's – to get out and turn the wheels on the regular basis.

Earlier, on our Twitter page, we asked some of our readers to help us compile a list of 5 great bike routes in Carmel. Here, in no certain order, we present the results, with our take as to why we enjoy them.

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Hagan-Burke Trail

What it is: An offshoot of the Monon Trail, less than two miles long, connecting the Monon to 146th Street on the northside of Carmel.

Cool feature: This trail is not a straight line, but a scenic little jaunt that runs by Cool Creek and provides for some nice scenery.

Bonus: It runs ever so close to Dairy Queen, just in case you’re looking for a reason to stop for ice cream.

Monon Trail

What it is: Most popular trail in Carmel and central Indiana; extends from downtown Indianapolis, north through Carmel and up into Westfield.

Cool feature: Long, linear and not many hills. This is a trail built for folks who want low-impact biking, but with long stretches. It can be crowded, however, so caution is important, especially in downtown Carmel.

Bonus: Slow point at Main Street in Carmel; might as well stop for a beer, burger or pizza. Plenty of choices here.

HazelDell Parkway

What it is: A five-mile parkway with mostly roundabouts at major intersections. Nice paths are not as congested as the Monon, but equally straight and mostly linear with few hills.

Cool feature: Long stretches of sidewalk allow you to pick up speed and work up a good sweat, although you do need to be careful of the occasional jogger or baby stroller.

Bonus: At 116th Street, go to the west and enjoy a very cool water stop near Gray Road – the Flowing Well Park. Great place to cool down and fill up your water bottles.

Village of West Clay

What it is: A huge, upper-scale community in West Clay that offers a web of streets that meander around one of the most beautiful communities in Carmel.

Cool feature: Many scenic views with distinct properties, incredible landscaping and unique places to stop for a breather.

Bonus: Trail within the Village of West Clay connects to the south to Coxhall Gardens, another beautiful park to check out; and then you are just a short ride away from West Park. So much to see.

White River Greenway

What it is: A river-hugging trail off River Road, just south of 146th Street, leading to River Road Park near 126th Street.

Cool feature: High above the waters of the river, this often shaded path gives casual bike riders beautiful views of the water and its natural setting.

Bonus: Double up on the fun by grabbing your poles and some bait. You can do some fishing once you get to River Road Park, where there is also a pretty impressive playground.