Drapery Street Window Dressings

As we head into winter, many of us are looking around at homes that may need a fresh start of their own. Whether you are searching for a way to breathe new life into a room or are renovating from top to bottom, windows are a great place to simply add balance or that one-of-kind focal point. Regardless of your approach, a quick review of the top window treatments illustrates the wide range of options that are available.
Roller shades are becoming very popular in sheer weaves. These shades provide privacy while allowing light to enter and letting you see outside as well. Clean looking and available in many colors and textures, roller shades can either complement or contrast with window trim to achieve the design element you desire.
Trim is coming back! It is a great way to add your personality to a drape. A banding style flat trim that is run along the overlap or a clean crystal trim are the newest looks.
Fabric technology has come a long way with ‘burnout’ or cut out fabrics available. You can layer over solid colors to create depth. Silk linen lends the look of linen without the wrinkles. And lace has been revived! To keep it updated, pair with another fabric such as silk, which will provide a great textural contrast.

Don’t be afraid of colors. Teal, orange and even hot pink are all the rage and were well represented at this year’s market. At the same time, neutrals such as grey, beige, cream and white continue to be popular. Neutral does not have to mean boring. Mixing them with textures is a fun way to kick them up.
Drapery lengths range from one inch off the floor for highly functional drapes to longer lengths that create a luxurious puddle in more formal spaces. One size does not fit all. We like the trouser break in most home settings.


Written by Caryn O’Sullivan, Owner
Drapery Street