Burn Boot Camp Is For You

Come take a test drive that could change your life…. Not sure Burn Boot Camp is for you?  Not sure you can do it?  Not sure what to expect?  Sign up for your 14 day FREE test drive and you will see that Burn Boot Camp is for you!  All fitness levels are welcome and the Certified Fitness trainers and the amazing BURN community will meet you where you are and help you, push you, and hold you accountable to get you where you want to be.

Every day there is a new 45 minutes camp, led by certified trainers who teach proper form and technique.  There are always modifications to match your fitness level.  Each camp is designed to maximize your results by working different muscle groups.  Plan to burn an average of 500 calories during each camp.  Free child watch and nutrition focus meetings are a part of each membership.  Try us out for 14 days completely FREE!

Locations in Carmel and Fishers.