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Moving Checklist

Ask any seasoned REALTOR® and they will tell you when it comes to moving, they have seen it all! The expertly executed most organized seamless transition to…the opposite. After years of working with their clients during their moves, here is some advice from central Indiana’s REALTORS®.

As soon as you are sure you are moving, obtain an in-home estimate of moving services from several moving companies. Get written estimates and read the ‘rights and responsibilities’ documents they provide. Compare the estimates to truck rental and honestly assess how much help you will help from friends and family. This will help you decide if you want a professional mover or the DIY approach.

Make a master list and create a location in your house called “packing central”. Always put your list back in that location as well as all packing supplies, contracts, receipts, etc.

Six weeks before – or as soon as possible if you have less than six weeks – complete the change of address form with the United States Post Office. Change your address everywhere else you can think: banks, insurance providers, credit cards, children’s schools, magazine subscriptions.

Before packing a single item, donate, sell, recycle or toss anything you don’t need. Keep all donation receipts.

Packing. Ugh, the packing! If possible, pack computers and other electronics in their original containers. For fragile items, like glassware and dishes, pad the bottom of boxes with a bubble wrap or other packing materials. Mark the outside of all boxes with a short description of the contents and the room the box should be placed in. Write these notes in the same location of every box. Pack plates vertically like records so they are less likely to break. If moving your refrigerator, remember to defrost one day in advance of the move. Don’t forget about mowers and grills. Drain fuel from your lawnmower and discard and recycle the propane tank from your grill.

Pack an overnight bag of essentials, including clothing, medications and cell phone chargers. Pack a bin of other items you will first in a clear plastic bin.

Make alternate arrangements for pets so they are not part of the move day chaos.

Whew, you ready? Moving is stressful and a tremendous amount of work, but with a good plan and a healthy amount of patience, you will get through it and soon be settled into your new home.

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