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Pierce Jewelers in Carmel Indiana
Shopping is near and dear to many hearts, although choosing veggies for an evening meal might not top the list. We’re talking about the sort of purchase that survives time, fashion and weight fluctuations, one that can be passed down through the ages and which suggests who you are long after you aren’t. Hmmm…….bingo! That would be jewelry! There aren’t too many possessions that actually transcend their investment and a good piece of jewelry will do just that. It can be intimidating, however, to walk into a nice store. Everything’s in cases and it’s a challenge to try on the merchandise. How do you even begin to find the perfect piece? Buddy Pierce at Pierce Jewelers in Carmel has been in the business for 43 years and moved to Carmel Drive with his wife Jennie in 2001. He genuinely understands his profession and his expertise provides a fascinating glimpse into the glittering world of jewelry. First of all, a “designer” piece doesn’t need to have a famous  quality. A truly unique design is done with a client in mind, with his or her preferences, features and lifestyle all carefully considered. What works for one person may appear out of place on another. This means you can walk in with a bauble inherited from grandmother and have it revamped into a style that suits your taste. Or you can arrive with simply an idea and watch it come to life through a creative process that, in Pierce Jeweler’s case, takes place entirely on site.Initially, of course, there is an exchange of information. Is it a necklace, bracelet or ring that you want? Is this for everyday or special occasions? What are your style preferences? Not sure? Time to visit the archives of fashion via the computer. Take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and voila! You have the bones of something waiting to take shape.  
Next there is the rendering. Jeff and Tim are artists who work with Buddy and frankly some of their interpretations should be framed and hung as art. From this drawing a wax model is sculpted, which is then used to cast a silver prototype. All of these steps are reviewed, approved and carefully preserved along the way, with either the client or prospective clients in mind.  Final decisions have to do with the kind of stones that will be used as well as the metal. According to Buddy, platinum is a favorite because it is sturdy, retains its beauty over a long period of time and resists abrasive wear. Recently gold and especially rose gold have become fashionable. The stone itself ultimately dictates its setting, however, so that its color and brilliance are shown to maximum effect. With their start-to-finish and custom design, as well as restorations and restyles, Buddy and Jennie have established a special niche in Carmel’s retail community. Both bring a talent for technical expertise as well as the ability to fit creations with the personalities of their customers. Their team of jewelers is currently working on a one-of-a-kind necklace that features a jaguar encrusted with fancy colored diamonds, inlaid with hand carved Persian turquoise, topped with a cognac diamond and strung with 22 karat gold. Will this be his favorite piece? Jennie demurs and says their favorite is “always the one that somebody else loves.”  To a satisfied shopper, that’s the value which counts the most.  
Pierce Jewelers
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