A fun way to try wines at Mitchell's

It was a night of experiencing some of the best wines of the Italian Coast, but we never left Carmel.

Mitchell’s Fish Market recently invited Carmel City Magazine to a special wine tasting, four-course meal as a way to celebrate some great wines.

In between bites of crostini, butternut squash tortellaci, pan-roasted sea bass and almond cake, we enjoyed some great glasses of wine. The featured wines included: LaMarca Prosecco, a sparkling white; DaVinci Pinot Gregio; Brancaia "Tre" Red Blend and New Amsterdam Vodka with dessert.

The very entertaining sommelier talked about each of the wines and really knew his stuff, without being intrusive. Everyone in the room loved the Brancaia “Tre” red blend.  As you can imagine, it was quite festive towards the end of the evening.

About 40 people gathered in a private room with a big screen showing scenes of Italy’s wine growing region.  The food was great and so was the company.  It’s a fun event without being hugely expensive – $50 per person with four courses and lots of wine.

Those interested in reservations can call Mitchell’s at (317) 848-3474 for future dates and times.